Commercial Moves

Selecting a company to relocate your entire operation or just a few offices is a big decision. 

You need an experienced team who understands your company's infrastructure.  You need a team who can get you packed, moved, and back to work with the smallest possible impact to your operations.  And, you need a team who can do all of this without damaging your facilities or fragile equipment.  The move is smoother, there are fewer work interruptions, and unexpected costs are eliminated.

We design each move using three key principles:

  • PLANNING.  We work with our clients to build a comprehensive move plan to suit your unique needs. 
  • FLEXIBILITY/COMMUNICATION.  Our entire team is on the same page including members of your team.
  • PROPERTY PROTECTION.  Protection of your space - old and new - is a priority.  We use cutting-edge technology, floor mats, and blanket pad products to protect floors and walls, doorways, elevators and stairway.