As a member of United Van Lines all our employees are required to undergo Criminal Record Checks and to be cleared and approved by United Van Lines.  This is to assure to our customers that their home and belongings are safe in our hands.  Below you will find all the information needed for each of our employees so that you can verify for yourself that your mover's have been BackChecked.

To view a BackCheck ID Badge, go to and in the Verify a Badge window, enter in the serial number and last name of the employee that you wish to verify and then click the Verify Now button to see the badge of the employee.

 Name      Position   Hire Date BackCheck ID Badge Serial Number
Brian Soanes    Owner    October 18, 2006
Casie Spears    Office ManagerMay 9, 20161690270-513526
Krista Tarlit Office AssistantMay 16, 201820180516-7202521 
Michael HollingsVan ForemanMay 3, 201820180502-7159291
Tyler StoreySwamperJune 12, 201720170612-6183557
Liam BlairSwamperAugust 14, 2018         20170616-6196860
Lliam Ward  SwamperApril 23, 2019 20190415-8351576
Favour Olaniyan*SwamperMay 22, 2019 
Mike Gibson**Swamper         July 8, 20169857648-917380
Harold Pratt*** Packer May 9, 20179123971-605940
Romeo Lizee***MoverOctober 5, 1995 4204569-951455 
*Seasonal employee
**Returned to Len Wrays Moving & Storage at this date, many previous years of experience.
***Previous Owner of Len Wrays Moving & Storage who continues to help move off and on.

WorkSafeBC (WCB)

Len Wrays has had continuous coverage with WorkSafeBC (WCB) since 1968! 

Any one can request a clearance letter from WorkSafeBC for any company at any time - it is an automated process. Log onto, select the ‘Get a Clearance Letter’ tab from the main screen (it is in the large yellow box under the Insurance heading), scroll down the page that you will be brought to and select the Get a Clearance Letter tab.  Enter in the required information in Step 1, then select the search option in Step 2 and the search for us by either our legal name, Len Wrays Moving and Storage Ltd., or our WCB number which is 845867, and select us when our name appears on the list.  Then select the Create Clearance Letter option and you will now have a letter detailing the most up to date information on our standing with WCB. OR you can ask us for this letter directly and we would be more than happy to provide it for you.

Canadian Association of Movers - Certified Professional Movers

CAM (The Canadian Association of Movers) offers different training and certification options.  Len Wrays Moving and Storage is not only a Member of CAM but we, as a company, have completed the certification process to be a CAM Certified Mover. 

CAM also offers a Canadian Professional Mover Course which at this time Romeo Lizee, Lauren Smith and Brian Soanes have completed, and several other employees are currently enrolled in.  Graduates of the course can then use the designation CPM (Canadian Professional Mover).